Burgon: Acquainted With Night

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Publisher: Chester Music
Artist: Geoffrey Burgon
Format: Sheet Music | Score
'Acquainted with Night', is a cycle of six songs, for alto and strings, harp and timpani. The texts are all concerned with different aspects of night. The first song, ‘Lullaby’ to a poem by Beaumont and Fletcher, seeks to evoke the ‘care-charming’ powers of sleep. The second, a setting of Robert Frost’s ‘Acquainted with the night’, is concerned with the lonely world of a strange city at night and the music is characterised by an insistently repeated figure in the accompaniment. The third song contrasts the calmness of the night with the turbulence in a lover’s mind - the poem is by the Earl of Surrey. ‘Out in the dark’ a poem by Edward Thomas, is the text of the fourth song. It is in the form of a scherzo and deals with the mystery and strangeness of night, and, as the poet puts it, the ‘might’ of night. It is, as the poet says, a hymn to night and the chordal nature of the accompaniment suggests this quality. This song leads directly into the last, which is in fact a reprise of the opening ‘Lullaby’ so completing the cycle.
Language: English
Catalogue No: CH55781

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