Stentor Standard 4/4 Violin Outfit

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Publisher: Stentor
Format: Instruments | Instrument
IMPORTANT INFORMATION: This item can only be delivered to UK addresses.
Stentor stringed instruments have been known to players and teachers for more than 100 years.

This beautifully built model satisfies the need for a good quality, entry level Violin. It features a hand carved scroll and an alloy tailpiece with four fine tuners. The outfit also includes an attractive lightweight case and a good student wood bow.
Language: English
Catalogue No: STE1018A

          Musicroom Reviews

          Bought this violin for my son, it is a lovely instrument and the sound is beautiful. Great value purchase.
          Anonymous - (Treharris, United Kingdom)
          Absolutely delighted with this instrument. Even though it is a Christmas present for a relative, I have tried it out and it produces a great sound.
          Anonymous - (Grimsby, United Kingdom)
          Pound for sterling, I am very happy with this instrument. I have only recently taken up playing but I love the clear, sharp notes this well made Violin makes. Absolutely beautiful tones are easily achieved with the supplied bow and rosin. The case is good quality, well padded and with either wood or ABS plastic throughout to protect your investment. Simple to tune and assuming no great change in environment/temperature, it keeps itself tuned very well. The only thing that I can think of that I do not like it the front pocket on the case is too small to accept an A4 book due to the case narrowing towards the top. Inside there is room to place a chromatic tuner and shoulder stand with the neck of the violin, a second bow stowage, and a smaller compartment for the rosin, and room for spare strings, a duster, and peg paste. If you are going to start playing, then this is your first step to hours, days, or even years of blissful playing.
          Anonymous - (Portsmouth)
          I am very happy with the violin. It was suprisingly easy to play and is very good quality. The only thing I dont like is the size of the front pocket beacause you cant fit an a4 music book inside. The case is well padded.
          Anonymous - (Portsmouth, United Kingdom)

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