John O'Neill: The Jazz Method For Alto Saxophone

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Publisher: Schott Music
Author: John O'Neill
Series: The Jazz Method
Format: Books | Instrumental Tutor

Since it was first published in 1992, The Jazz Method for Saxophone has guided thousands of beginners of all ages from producing their first note on the saxophone to the performance of full-blown jazz pieces, including pieces by contemporary composers. Based on the tried and tested format of the original method (with step-by-step guidance and a number of pieces specially written for this series), the revised edition is packed with updated content. It also comes complete with exciting new tunes, a re-recorded audio CD and over 2 hours of demo tracks available as free MP3 downloads. Now there is also a greater emphasis on the development of improvisational and listening skills. Thanks to additional suggestions for listening and reading as well as an appendix with all chord sequences for the 'live' accompaniment of the melodies, the 'Jazz Methods' are ideal for both pupils studying by themselves and for pupils learning with a teacher.

ISBN: 9781902455006
Skill Level: Beginner Explain this
No of pages: 98
Language: English
Catalogue No: ED12410

          Musicroom Reviews

          This is a great Jazz method book. It explains all techniques really well. It spans a range of difficulties as it starts off with learning your first notes and progresses on to much more advanced fast soloing etc. This book is much better than others I have seen because it teaches a lot of the theory and scales rather than just teaching pieces. The only problem is the CD; the band on it is very good, however it does not contain separate demonstration and backing tracks. Instead the band is panned to the left and the saxophone to the right, in theory this allows the user to pan the sound to the left to get a 'backing track', although this is not very useful for people like me who have hi-fis that do not have a pan function, however this is the only problem with the Jazz Method. I strongly recommend this book to anyone who has an interest in learning Jazz Saxophone.
          Mr. J - (Beverley, United Kingdom)
          I have to agree with everyone else, if you buy nothing else then buy this book. There are some brilliant pieces, lots to learn, lots to listen to, lots to make you think. Like a previous reviewer said, don't rush, savour every single piece, my tone has improved no end, as has my appreciation of jazz. You will just love Lady Pres - it's fabulous. Huge enjoyment throughout this book is guaranteed. Enjoy !
          Anonymous - (Salisbury, United Kingdom)
          A supreme book/CD package - expertly written by John O'Neill and faultless from beginning to end. The only Saxophone Tutor Book you should ever consider buying.
          Anonymous - ()
          First of all musicrooms delivery is brilliant, ordered and deliverd in less than 24hrs, Ordered this book as a novice saxophonist, and even the first tunes make you sound like a jazz player, soon progressed to harder tunes and really am impresed, get this book
          Anonymous - (middlesbrough, United Kingdom)
          It's a starter book for the alto sax for learning about the jazz idiom. With a great cd to play along with aswell. There is also plenty of info for building up a good playing technique.
          Anonymous - (King's Lynn, United Kingdom)
          The jazz method is very comprehensive book, with detailed instructions and a methodical progression for the beginner. The only way I could criticise this book is it has left out detail's on vibrato and bending, but is still clearly head and shoulders above the competition. If you want to learn to play jazz sax buy it.
          Anonymous - (UK)
          This is by far one of the better methods for the Saxophone. Plenty of illustrations and a largely graded approach to playing. There is a fingering chart at the back of the book. A great starter for the total novice or first year player. From start to finsh i think this book would take approximately 2-3 years to master and bring a player up to grade 5 standard. The backing tracks on the accompanying CD are excellant too!
          Andrew Kerensky - (UK)
          Excellent inspirational material. Terrific value for money. A must buy. Don't rush this - concentrate on developing your tone. Recommend you also take a few lessons from the best teacher you can find - so you don't develop bad habits.
          Anonymous - (Watford)
          10 stars, great.
          Anonymous - (SÃO PAULO, Brazil)

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