Karen Tanaka: The Song Of Songs For Cello And Electronics (CD-Rom)

CD-Roms / DVD-Roms | Cello, Electronics

Publisher: Omnibus Press
Composer: Karen Tanaka
Format: Audio / Video | Recorded Performance

This work was commissioned by Yutaka Fujishima and the Xebec Hall. It was first performed by Ryoichi Fujimori in Mito, Japan on 10th November 1996. Duration: 8 minutes 10 seconds.

Quoting Karen Tanaka: The title comes from the Song of Solomon of the Old Testament, which is a beautiful song of love.

I have attempted to project this sensual song of love onto the sound of cello and computer. My intention was to weave color and scent into the sound while blending the ancient story and today's technology. The sound of cello is consistently gentle and tender.

Language: English
Catalogue No: OM24569