Don't Fret Note Map

| Guitar

Publisher: Hal Leonard
It's never been easier to learn to play Guitar! This unique cling vinyl guide is positioned across the fretboard and allows you to see note names and locations. Includes a colour-coded system to help you read music.
ISBN: 9780634022708
Published on: 28 June 2001
Language: English
Catalogue No: HL00695587

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        Great help in learning guitar. It was easy to learn where to put my fingers and I even learned to read music. An old dog can learn new tricks! I had tried lots of expensive "methods"- this one was inexpensive and it worked!
        Al - (USA)
        I highly recommend this product for anyone who wants to learn to play guitar. It is easy to put on the guitar and you can't feel it at all once it's on. The angle on the printed notes is just right to view while you play. I color coded my favorite songs and I could play them instantly. A great buy.
        Robin Walsh - (Seattle)
        fantastic great in practice. recommended
        Anonymous - (Alexandria, United Kingdom)
        This Is a great and useful product. I would recommend it to anyone trying to learn to play guitar. It is so quick and easy to put on and there's no sticky stuff that with be left behind either. The dots make it so easy to play, I just love it.
        J Rene - (Issaquah)
        This product helped me SO MUCH! It does just what it says it does, it showed me exactly where the notes are on my guitar neck. I was playing Amazing Grace within 10 minutes! I've tried other tools, and this one is by far the best. I highly recommend it for anyone.
        Dylan Ingavar - (USA)
        This is a cool product but I had to either tilt the guitar or lay it in my lap to see the dots. The fret cut-outs don't fit my guitar and the sticky vinyl doesn't let my hand slide on the neck so it's hard to play anything. It doesn't work as well as the FretMap from Arviq which is a lot easier to use since it clips on instead of wrapping around the neck but it does costs more. I guess you get what you pay for.
        Joshua Gray - ()

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        Don't Fret Note Map