Black Sabbath: Riff By Riff

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Catalogue No: AM970761
Artist: Black Sabbath
Series: no translation
Format: Sheet Music | Songbook
ISBN: 9781575602646
Language: English
Publisher: Wise Publications

          Musicroom Reviews

          Great for people who can't be bothered or are unable to figure out their favourite sabbath songs, and don't need entire songs in tab/notation. It just gives you the riffs in an uncluttered and very easy to follow manner. With clear, short annotations of what's going on musically. It claims to be the most comprehensive book ever written on the music of Black Sabbath. Whether that's true or not - I'm not sure, as not ALL of the riffs are there for EVERY song. A few of my favourite tracks from Vol 4 & Sabbath Bloody Sabbath are missing, and the post-1975 albums are not well represented (which doesn't bother me). If you already own a few tab books, you've probably noticed that they are sometimes wrong. Often showing parts in the incorrect position, missing notes or including chords that aren't even in the song! However, this is an accurate representation of the album versions. I only bought this beacuse it was published by Cherry Lane. In my opinion they produce the best tab books - they are always spot-on. It's a surprisingly thin book, but all the info you need is there. The best Sabbath tab book I've seen. Much better than Black Sabbath Anthology.
          Nathan Luker - (Manchester)

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          Black Sabbath: Riff By Riff
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