Per Nørgård: Libra

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Composer: Per Norgard
Format: Sheet Music | Vocal Work

Per Nørgård's Libra was originally a commission-work for Guitar, but during the compositional process a vocal part was liberated from the musical material, a part which could be provided with words from the Rudolf Steiner’s poem "Libra". Gradually two choruses and ten movements were created around this part and texts from David’s Psalms were added.

Libra is one of the most characteristic works in the row of the composer’s "hierachic music" works: Slow and rapid versions of the same melodies, series of accords are coupled in continuously new constellations but always based in harmony. This is only possible because of the hierachic nature of this music.

ISBN: 9788759863732
Language: Danish
Catalogue No: KP00848

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      Per Nørgård: Libra
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