Peter Bruun: Twelve To Remember, Twelve To Come (Score)

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Composer: Peter Bruun
Format: Sheet Music | Score
Twelve To Remember, Twelve To Come for Trombone and Ensemble was composed by Peter Bruun in 2001.
Commisioned by Jesper Juul Sørensen Written for Jesper Juul Sørensen and Athelas Sinfonietta Copenhagen, provided with funds from the Danish State Art Foundation.

Programme note:

The trombone concerto has been given the slightly cryptic title Twelve to remember twelve to come. The title refers to twelve irregular beats that are struck at the start of the piece by the percussionist on three clanging bottles. The figure 12 later becomes the most important building-block in the rhythm of the piece, and the twelve beats from the beginning return right at the end. The concerto was written for the trombone virtuoso Jesper Juul Sørensen, originally for trombone and large chamber ensemble. It was given its first performance in 2001 by Jesper Juul Sørensen and Athelas Sinfonietta Copenhagen. Later the piece was reworked for trombone and orchestra - a version given its first performance by Jesper Juul Sørensen and the Aarhus Symphony Orchestra in 2003.

Peter Bruun.
Skill Level: Intermediate-Advanced Explain this
No of pages: 76
Length: 13
Language: English
Catalogue No: KP01095

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