Vagn Holmboe: Concerto No.11 Op.44 For Trumpet And Orchestra (Score)

Books | Trumpet, Horns, String Orchestra

Composer: Vagn Holmboe
Format: Books | Study Score
Vagn Holmboe's Concerto No.11 Op.44 For Trumpet And Orchestra is part of a series of 'Chamber' concertos written for soloists with smaller accompaniment groups. Concerto no.11 is based upon the concertos of Joseph Haydn, and features the fast-slow-fast formal structure typical of the Classical concerto. Holmboe's melodic writing is modelled upon the motivic and thematic developments that are highly characteristic of Haydn's melodic constructions, lending the work a timeless air.
ISBN: 9788759855003
No of pages: 48
Length: 15
Language: Danish
Catalogue No: VI00518

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