Niels Rosng-Schow: Trees (Score)

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Composer: Niels Rosing-Schow
Format: Sheet Music | Score

Trees - Concerto for Violin, Orchestra and Electronics by Niels Rosing-Schow (2001).

Manuscript copy.

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Programme note

The title 'Trees' should be regarded as a metaphor, even though the electronic sounds in the piece are actually derived from trees. The piece is a metaphor of the multifaceted nature of the leaves on the trees the 'united difference' as the trees of the forest, the 'life-giving', as trees, transform CO2 into Oxygen). It is a metaphor of the ever returning and optimistic foliation each spring), and in a broader sense a metaphor of organic nature. The violin concerto is a sounding organism, which in more or less gradual transition appears in different shapes and states of condition. At some points the music is round and flexible, and at others it is edged and hard. Sometimes it might remind us of something well known, and from time to time it changes into something intangible - an indefinite state of nature. In contrast to the sonorous extreme, the solo violin is portrayed as a manifestation of maximum (human) presence.

Niels Rosing-Schow

Skill Level: Intermediate-Advanced Explain this
Length: 20
Language: Danish
Catalogue No: KP01094

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