Inge Marstal & Anne-Mette Riis: Musik Med De Små

Books | Piano, Vocal & Guitar

Format: Sheet Music | Songbook

"Music to the little ones" - This book appeals to anyone who wants to give the young ones a musical good start in life: parents, grandparents, childminders, nursery and kindergarten teachers, music teachers and other adults. The musical interaction can range from small spontaneous, improvised melodies and bedtime songs till more consciously musical stimulation and focused, professional music lessons. Regardless of what level and in what context the musical interaction takes place, most will need ideas and inspiration - and perhaps refreshment of the repertoire, oneself sang as a child. In addition to singing with the child at home, it can be nice and fun to sing, play and make music with others - in large or small groups. The music's impact on the child's social development is well known and well documented. The main musical upbringing of the new little baby takes place at home.

ISBN: 9788759811382
No of pages: 145
Language: Danish
Catalogue No: WH30552

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