Toner Fra Filmen (1932-2002)

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"Tunes from the movie" - Musical, melodrama, farce and comedy - well known film genres have through the last 70 years produced film songs, that deserve to be remembered, played and sung. Many of which have become beloved evergreens. Toner fra filmen contains 100 songs that explain why. "Tunes from the movie" - Toner fra filmen is the first Danish song book, that concentrates on songs written directly to the film medium - from 1932 until 2002. From swing music to a sailor's waltz, from rock'n'roll to rap music, and the publication contains 100 compositions and lyrics and with that the answer to why a specific film song book is relevant. The answer is quality and diversity. Toner fra filmen is a song book that is supposed to strengthen the joy of singing and the memory of everyone interested in songs and films. Predictable catchy tunes by eg. Sven Gyldmark standing side by side with surprises that have almost been forgotten by most but deserve a renaissance. Toner fra filmen is released now as the quality in the national film production makes people walk away from the television and into the darkness of the movie theatre to laugh and cry. Back at the television screen we enjoy the old Danish movies that make us wish to refresh the film songs. Most of us seldomly remember more than the refrain, and then the need to look at the score arises. The songs chosen to Toner fra filmen has of course been an integrated part of the movies' set up, but they can manage on their own. There are a lot of love songs, but there are also songs for every taste and temperament, nice as well as sexy, short, long, poetic etc etc. The book makes you want to sing and play and is at the same time a piece of Danish cultural history.
ISBN: 9788759810941
No of pages: 213
Language: Danish
Catalogue No: WH30515

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    Toner Fra Filmen (1932-2002)
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