Eva Fock: Musik Omkring Os (Cd)


Format: Audio / Video | Recorded Performance

"The music around us (CD)" - In addition to the acclaimed publication Musik omkring os Eva Fock has collected 77 musical examples to illustrate the publication's descriptions. Musicians from Rotterdam, London and Copenhagen have contributed with analytical recordings of music theory phenomena (eg. scales and rhythms) from the three countries Turkey, Pakistan and Morocco. The same musicians have also supplied examples from some of the many genres which are described in the book. Other recordings come from Eva Fock's travels to the three countries, and finally a number of recordings come from existing record publications. Together with the book the CD-publication (2 CDs) makes a unique whole that will apply to a wide spectrum of music and culture lovers, teachers and students at several levels. The publication is produced with support from the Ministry of Education.

ISBN: 9788759811672
Language: Danish
Catalogue No: CD30540WH

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