Melody In Songwriting: Tools And Techniques For Writing Hit Songs


Publisher: Berklee Press
Author: Jack Perricone
Series: Berklee Guide
Format: Books | Reference
Melody writing is a skill that can be learned, and this unique resource will show you how. Through proven tools and techniques, you will learn how to write memorable melodies and discover the dynamic relationships between melody, harmony, rhythm, and rhyme. This clear comprehensive guide unlocks the secrets of hit songs examining them, and revealing why they succeed. Songs discussed include Killing Me Softly, Addicted To Love and The Long And Winding Road.
ISBN: 9780634006388
Published on: 06 October 2000
No of pages: 182
Language: English
Catalogue No: HL50449419

      Musicroom Reviews

      This is the best book on songwriting (excluding lyrics) that I've seen. It covers an awful lot of ground and goes into greater depth and detail than many other books. Granted, beginners will likely feel a little intimidated at first, but I say, ‘just reread it again’, what you’ll learn is more than worth the effort. The books’ one weakness is that no CD of the examples is included so in order to hear and fully appreciate the given examples you’ll need above average music reading and keyboarding skills. Bottom line; if you read this book and do the exercises, you’ll be able to write a reasonably good melody every time you sit down, even without inspiration. Add inspiration and you just may write a great melody.
      Anonymous - (Canada)
      This book is brilliant - its the best investment I've made into songwriting. It goes into incredible depth about songwriting notes - more than the basic Leading Note should always rise to the Tonic, except in a downward scale. It looks at notes which prefer to fall and those which sound better rising. You'll find the lyric section is basic but that doesn't matter because melodies and chord sequences, along with progressions, are much more important in your songs.
      Anonymous - (Exeter, United Kingdom)
      Some people believe that good musical composition is a talent that requires no practice. Melody In Songwriting shows that talent alone is not enough and that it needs both practice and constant self-development to support it. It teaches you how to combine your inner creative with hard work and the techniques explained become creative tools to write your music. There are also some tunes that have been extremely well analyzed to reveal the logical development inside some great hit songs. This is a "must have" book which will improve your songwriting skills.
      Anonymous - ()