David Hurwitz: Getting The Most Out Of Mozart - The Instrumental Works

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Publisher: Amadeus Press
Author: David Hurwitz
Format: Books | Biography
The great Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart composed more than 600 works of every musical genre - symphonies, concertos, chamber works, even operas. In this book, the first of two, David Hurwitz guides the reader/listener through the master's chamber and orchestral music, a body of work unique in style, expressive range, emotional depth, formal perfection, and sheer beauty.

This music doesn't sound like anyone else's. Only Mozart could have written it. Hurwitz's insightful text and the accompanying full-length CD shows us what makes Mozart's music so unique and special - and how to enjoy its many delights.

This book is the first of a two-volume set covering Mozart's orchestral and vocal work.

ISBN: 9781574670967
Published on: 13 October 2008
No of pages: 188
Language: English
Catalogue No: HL00331648