The Early Years Of The Les Paul Legacy 1915-1963

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Publisher: Hal Leonard
Artist: Les Paul
Author: Robb Lawrence
Format: Books | Reference
The Man, the Sound and the Gibson Guitar. Journey through the career of musical giant, milestone guitarist and recording innovator Les Paul, and marvel at the world of cutting-edge guitar design!

This book emerged out of author Robb Lawrence's years of research, interviews, extensive vintage archives (including original Les Paul/Mary Ford articles, press photos, music and recordings) and gorgeous original photography. Learn about the Clunker, the experimental Log - the first true prototype of the Gibson solid-body - and the 1951 arched maple top, sharp cutaway models.

It's all here: the factory pictures, the designers, the electronics. The stories of the various Goldtops, Seth Lover's Humbucking pickups, the Custom Fretless Wonder and the heralded '50s Sunburst Standard are told by the insiders and players. Lawrence lovingly describes each model, detailing its physical beauty, workmanship, construction and special musical qualities. You'll read Les Paul in his own words, as well as Michael Bloomfield and Jeff Beck talking about their Les Paul Sunbursts. You'll listen in on the thoughts of veteran Gibson President Ted McCarty, company historian Julius Bellson and electronic designer Walt Fuller.

Through these insights and recollections, you'll see how this popular man and his admirers have created the Les Paul Legacy.
ISBN: 9780634048616
Published on: 14 May 2008
No of pages: 256
Language: English
Catalogue No: HL00330972

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      Every aspect of the formulative years of Les Paul's enduring legacy is covered here in gorgeous detail and colour. Endless examples of the various Les Paul designed and inspired Guitars with some awesome rare photographs, interviews and insight: a must for Les Paul players, collectors and admirers.
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