Peter Blecha: Taboo Tunes - A History Of Banned Bands And Censored Songs


Publisher: Backbeat Books
Author: Peter Blecha
Format: Books | History
In this extensively researched ode to scandal, Peter Blecha recounts the travails of musicians who have dared to air unacceptable topics. Filled with several centuries' worth of raunchy sex ditties, morbid murder ballads, satanic songs, paeans to intoxication and radical political anthems, this book lays the censors' stories bare, and casts a much-needed spotlight on civil liberties and artistic freedom in our post-9/11 world.

Highlights the work of hundreds of controversial musicians, including: The Beatles, Ray Charles, the Dixie Chicks, Dylan, Eminem, Billie Holiday, Nirvana, Elvis, Public Enemy, Sex Pistols, Springsteen, Zappa and others. "Blecha tells a story of how free we aren't. It's a story every music fan needs to know." - Dave Marsh 6 x 9, 214 pages

ISBN: 9780879307929
Published on: 01 September 2009
No of pages: 214
Language: English
Catalogue No: HL00331172