Rikky Rooksby: Bruce Springsteen - Songwriting Secrets


Publisher: Backbeat Books
Author: Rikky Rooksby
Format: Books | Reference
Bruce Springsteen is one of today's great songwriters, with a style that is all his own. This book uses his work as the starting point for a master class in the art of writing powerful -¦and successful - songs. Songwriting guru Rikky Rooksby takes Springsteen's songs apart and shows how the common techniques they use can help you: structure intros, verses, choruses and bridges · write songs using anything from two to seven chords · arrange instruments for maximum effect · mimic the sound of Springsteen's chords · write lyrics that ring true and hit home. This book will change the way you listen to Springsteen's songs and revitalize the way you write your own.
ISBN: 9780879308360
Published on: 01 September 2009
No of pages: 128
Language: English
Catalogue No: HL00331278