Phil Carson: Roy Buchanan - American Axe


Publisher: Backbeat Books
Artist: Roy Buchanan
Author: Phil Carson
Format: Books | Biography
Roy Buchanan was a guitarist's guitarist who shunned fame for a musical odyssey on America's roadhouse circuit with his battered Telecaster - melding blues, country, jazz and rock like no player before or since.

This is a compelling road trip through the gritty world of honky tonks and beer joints where this enigmatic journeyman preferred to play. Readers meet the biggest names in pop music and legions of unknowns along the way, from the dawn of rock 'n' roll to Buchanan's puzzling death in 1988.

"We just sat there aghast ... It was some of the best playing I've ever heard ... He defied all the laws of verse-chorus-verse and just blazed." - Jeff Beck

"Roy was one of the creators in the pioneering of unusual sounds. It seemed as though I was hearing them come first from Roy Buchanan." - Les Paul

ISBN: 9780879306397
Published on: 01 September 2009
No of pages: 288
Language: English
Catalogue No: HL00330775