Ernie Ball: Extra Slinky Guitar String Set

| Electric Guitar

Publisher: Ernie Ball
Ernie Ball: Extra Slinky Custom gauge Guitar Strings (8, 11, 14, 22, 30, 38)

One of the best selling strings of all time!

Made from nickel plated steel wire wrapped around tin plated hex shaped steel core wire.

Ernie Ball represents the industry standard in string manufacture with many of today's top artists using the renowned Slinky brand. This set are lighter and more malleable allowing the player to bend them easily. Great for solo playing.
Language: English
Catalogue No: FC281

        Musicroom Reviews

        I've used these strings (and the super slinky) ever since I developed arthritis after an accident to my left hand, which made it very painful to use my little pinky! I cannot praise them high enough, I still play, more than 15 years after the accident and, despite the 'thin' sound (which some players complain about) I get decent sounds by adjusting the amp and tone controls. A MUST for anyone wishing to 'bend' notes. A longer life than you would expect, too. Bob Fretwell (now in Spain-where the warmth is better for my hand!
        Bob Fretwell - (Spain (ex UK))

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