Shubb: Capo For Steel String Guitar

| Acoustic Guitar

Publisher: Shubb
One of the best quality capos available for steel string guitars.

Fits almost all acoustic and electric steel string guitars.

Two inches wide and curved for a radiused fretboard.

Language: English
Catalogue No: FC245

        Musicroom Reviews

        Fantastic was well pleased.
        Anonymous - (Bexhill-on-Sea, United Kingdom)
        Note: I have the deluxe version - with the wheel on the lever arm, not a pin. The materials & construction seem to be of very high quality. It performs it's job excellently; attachment is pretty simple, although not strictly "quick release" as others. I've not had it long, so can't comment on durability. Overall I'm very happy with it.
        Anonymous - (Beverley, United Kingdom)
        I cannot agree with the other reviewers. There are two versions of this capo, one with a wheel on the tension pin (Deluxe), one with a rubber tip. I have both. Despite being of steel construction I found that after only light use it goes out of alignment. The deluxe version is much better.
        Anonymous - (Kingdom of Pendle)
        This is a lovely piece of engineering and is built to last. It was worth paying the extra for a steel capo, which fitted instantly, with no buzz or de-tuning noticeable to my cloth ears.
        Anonymous - (Newcastle upon Tyne )
        I have used Shubb Capos on six and 12 string acoustic guitars for over ten years they are reliable, effective and robust.
        Fred - (Lydney, United Kingdom)

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        Shubb: Capo For Steel String Guitar
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