Alvin Gibbs: Some Weird Sin - On Tour With Iggy Pop


Publisher: Cadiz Music
Artist: Iggy Pop
Author: Alvin Gibbs
Format: Books | Biography

After splitting from the British punk band the UK Subs and relocating to Los Angeles, Alvin Gibbs received an unexpected call from his old friend, Hanoi Rocks' guitarist Andy McCoy. During their conversation, McCoy suddenly proffered the intriguing question, 'How would you like to be on a world tour playing bass guitar for Iggy Pop?' Having readily agreed to this proposal, Alvin embarked on an odyssey of relentless travel schedules, illicit pleasures and satisfying stage triumphs while witnessing the professional and private conduct of his fellow band members and the man who by general acclaim is considered to be the veritable godfather of punk. Some Weird Sin unveils a touring realm of drugs, alcohol reliance and professional Japanese groupies. Follow Iggy around the globe as he tensely encounters his friend David Bowie backstage in New York City, and single-handedly takes on the Pepsi Cola Corporation in the Antipodes; discover the decadent happenings at a Guns N' Roses hotel room party in Texas and the cocainefuelled craziness that ensued after a triumphal show in Miami: Two hundred and thirty nights of Iggy Pop's unique brand of fiery performance in just about every major city across six continents. It was an extraordinary ride.

208 pages – over 50 images including previously unpublished photos.

ISBN: 9780957171787
Published on: 15 November 2018
No of pages: 208
Language: English
Catalogue No: 9780957171787