Jørn “Necrobutcher” Stubberud: The Death Archives - Mayhem 1984-94


Publisher: Omnibus Press
Format: Books | Biography

Mayhem’s story is the definitive black metal saga. It has a darkness which lies beyond most of our daily comprehensions, and a continuing influence and legacy that sees not only the genre, but also the fans, continue to be both fascinated and influenced by these true pioneers. - Lars Ulrich, Metallica

...Whatever your opinion of Mayhem’s music (challenging, mystical and inspiring, traditional /classical), or the history of the band’s hierarchy of anachronistic, mythic archetypal members (a brotherhood, betrayal and tragedy, self-destruction, isolationist and populist, concurrent presence in the world), it is clear that the core and original aesthetics of Mayhem ultimately created an entirely new foundation and probably another total universe (musically, visually, ethically and even spiritually and existentially) for an entire generation of black metal musicians and artists, which continues strongly to this day. In that context I may compare them to a brutalist parallel of rock ’n’ roll’s MC5 for metal music. - Stephen O’Malley, SUNN O)))

This is the best book on the subject, makes other ones look fake. The Death Archives is true metal and by far the best book on this scene. - Jonas Åkerlund, Director, Lords of Chaos

Forget Lords of Chaos. Forget every half-assed “history of metal” book you’ve seen moldering on the bookshelf. There are a lot of great metal history books out there, but very few that do any justice at all to the always intriguing, often infuriating, and occasionally impenetrable global phenomenon that is black metal. - Vice

ISBN: 9781787601291
Published on: 23 July 2018
No of pages: 256
Language: English
Catalogue No: OP57860