Tanglewood: TW40OD Orchestra Shape Solid Mahogany Acoustic Guitar

Instruments | Acoustic Guitar

Publisher: Tanglewood
Format: Instruments | Instrument

Tanglewood Sundance Delta TW40 OD OM/Folk Acoustic Guitar - Natural Finish

The Tanglewood Sundance Delta TW40 OD Orchestra Model/Folk Acoustic Guitar is a reliable and versatile instrument with a rich, expressive sound. Featuring a Mahogany body and solid Mahogany top, the guitar produces warm and focused tones with strong midrange projection. The mid-sized Orchestra/Folk body shape yields a clear, balanced tone which performs well across a range of styles, making the TW40 OD an excellent all-rounder to suit most any player.

Published on: 27 July 2018
Catalogue No: TW40OD