John Ridgeon: The Physiology Of Brass Playing

Books | Brass Instruments

Author: John Ridgeon
Format: Books | Reference

• Compilation of twenty years’ teaching experience and research by John Ridgeon into the physical aspects of brass playing. * International survey of playing and teaching techniques. 
• Supporting photography and artwork. 
• Anatomical analysis and explanation.

This unique work is a comparative study of brass playing and teaching techniques which covers all the essential physical aspects of playing. It examines the methods of artists from many countries and highlights important elements of playing through a question, answer and comment approach. This mode of presentation has ensured the embracement of the widest possible spectrum of opinion in addition to the perspective of the author. 

ISBN: 9781899623006
Published on: 02 November 2005
No of pages: 64
Language: English
Catalogue No: BRA6001

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