Tanglewood: TWRDII Roadster II Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

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Publisher: Tanglewood
Format: Instruments | Instrument

The Tanglewood Roadster II Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar is a guitar focused on performance and playability. The natural satin finish and lack of any ornate decorations means that Tanglewood can give you a solid cedar topped guitar at an excellent price-point. While the natural satin could be seen as a cost-saving measure, the satin finish does actually provide a more smooth and tactile feel. Satin is also a thinner finish than gloss and lets the wood 'breathe' more for enhanced resonance and sustain; many guitars are purposefully spec'd with this finish to gain these benefits.

The Roadster II Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar puts all the focus on the player, and it provides a solid wood top, all mahogany body and neck, and chrome die-cast tuners for tuning stability. This is the ideal instrument for developing players and value-seeking professionals.

  • Solid cedar top with mahogany back/sides - delivers a warm and rich tone
  • Natural satin finish feels smooth and tactile
  • Eboncore fingerboard - CITES friendly and gives an even response
  • Dreadnought body style
  • Published on: 30 March 2018
    Catalogue No: TWRDII

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