Martin: DX1AE Macassar Burst Electro-Acoustic Guitar

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Publisher: Martin
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The Martin DX1AE features a solid sitka spruce top which offers a versatile tone that is able to accommodate numerous genres and techniques with ease. The versatile nature of sitka spruce makes it equally suited to lighter fingerpicking styles to more aggressive, heavier strumming patterns. Additionally, its solid sitka spruce top yields a crisp and articulate tone, as well as delivering a broad dynamic range, which is what makes the Martin's solid top so versatile. Furthermore, its stunning solid top is paired with HPL back and sides which give the DX1AE a pure, bold, and well-balanced sound. HPL is an engineered material, designed specifically to make guitars extremely durable and resistant to humidity, even more so than wood. Overall, the HPL back and sides still maintain the premium quality of Martin's meticulous standards.

The Martin DX1AE features a dreadnought body, which projects an enormous voice yet maintains overall tonal balance. The dreadnought shape was originally designed for hard pick attack, however through years of superb craftsmanship, Martin have created a dreadnought body with a stunning acoustic voice that is well-balanced and able to accommodate numerous genres and playing styles with ease. The big body is ideal for players more comfortable with the dreadnought size, and those with a longer reach. The sheer volume the DX1AE can project makes it perfect for the singer/songwriter, as vocalists can push their diaphragm to the max without feeling too loud against the guitar's volume, as it will sing as loud as you do.

Martin's logo emblazoned across the Macassar HPL headstock lets you know this guitar is serious about its tone, oozing premium class and quality that Martin are known for. The neck is made from a smooth hand rubbed brown birch laminate, and has been paired with a certified richlite fingerboard. Its neck offers a smooth playing experience, whilst its fingerboard simulates the sonically pleasing nature of ebony, adding sustain a plenty of bite to the overall sound.

The DX1AE comes equipped with a discreet Fishman Sonitone preamp, which is subtly mounted within the soundhole, and offers basic sound tweaking for live and rehearsal settings. The preamp is versatile and responsive, and features rotary controls for tone and volume. With this, players can shape their sound by simply plugging in to an amplifier or PA system, perfect for performing musicians.

The Martin DX1AE offers superb tone and playability, as well as on-board electronics, Martin also are providing players with a vintage-inspired performance-ready appearance. With a striking vintage sunburst satin finish to its solid top, the DX1AE projects the authenticity pre-war era guitars, perfect for the player with a vintage-vibe. In addition, its HPL back and sides have a macassar pattern, which provides a truly stunning aesthetic appeal to its already eye-catching appearance. With a faux tortoise pickguard, traditional rosette, and chrome hardware, the DX1AE projects the premium quality Martin are known for.

  • Perfect for the gigging musicians due to built-in Fishman electronics
  • Discreet preamp also offers basic tone shaping for live settings
  • Solid sitka spruce top with a vintage sunburst finish for a bold look and timeless sound
  • Dreadnought body produces bold voice that is able to handle numerous genres and techniques
  • HPL back and sides offer striking visual and bold, sonically pleasing tone
  • Faux tortoise pickguard and traditional multi-stripe rosette for authentic appearance


Published on: 21 March 2018
Catalogue No: DX1AEMAC

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