Rhinegold Education: A Level Music Harmony Workbook 1 By Hugh Benham


Publisher: Rhinegold Education
Author: Hugh Benham
Format: Books | Reference

This book provides a firm foundation for all students embarking on a study of harmony. Assuming very little prior knowledge, it guides you through topics such as intervals, chord construction, cadences, harmonic progressions, part-writing and figured bass. Activities are provided throughout the book to help you learn and practise the skills you are acquiring.

This book is a thoroughly revised edition of the AS Music Harmony Workbook (2008), updated to meet the requirements of the 2016 A Level Music specifications for all exam boards.

Follow on with A Level Music Harmony Workbook 2 to learn how to apply your knowledge to a wide range of tasks, including the harmonisation of chorales in the style of J S Bach.

ISBN: 9781785586354
Published on: 28 February 2018
Catalogue No: RHG421