Flight: DUS330 Relic Soprano Ukulele (With Bag)

Instruments | Ukulele

Publisher: Flight
Format: Instruments | Instrument

Many players tell Flight that an instrument that looks like it’s been through a tornado, a fire, and gigged a few thousand times is the most beautiful thing they have ever seen. Is it the promise of a broken-in feel, maybe that every ding and scratch tells a tale, or the romantic memory of the instruments our idols played? The answer – is all of those. And while they can’t replicate an instruments history, Flight present you with the first “distressed” Ukulele, that can get you that broken-in feel and look that will remind you of some of the most memorable moments in history. A unique “distressed” look gives it a cool vintage vibe. Intended to feel just like an old friend, with whom you’ve been through a lot, it is the first “distressed” uke in the market – we checked!

Published on: 10 January 2018
Catalogue No: DUS330

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