Bach - A Life in Pictures (Hardback Book)


Publisher: Bärenreiter

What did Johann Sebastian Bach’s world look like?
Which people were close to him? Who did he work with?
What writings document his life and work?

This lavish picture book helps to bridge the 300-year historical gap and vividly brings to life Bach’s personal history.

The illustrations, mostly in colour, present Bach’s life from his beginnings in Eisenach, Ohrdruf and Lüneburg, through his years as an organist in Arnstadt, Mühlhausen and Weimar and his period as Kapellmeister in Cöthen, to his tenure in Leipzig as music director and cantor at St. Thomas’s.

Expanded legends directly explain the meaning of each picture without the reader having to refer to another section in the book. Short introductions to the various periods of Bach’s life, an essay on issues of the Bach iconography, as well as a detailed Appendix round off the volume.

  • Series Bach Documents, Volume 9,/li>
  • New Bach Edition. Revised Edition (NBA rev) 5 (Supplement)
  • Format 469 pages; 30,5 x 25,0 cm
  • ISBN: 9783761822807
    Skill Level: Advanced Explain this
    Published on: 29 November 2017
    Language: English, German
    Catalogue No: BVK2280