Electric Guitars Design And Invention

Books | Guitar

Publisher: Hal Leonard
Author: Tony Bacon
Format: Books | Reference

Innovation. Disruption. Thought leadership. Today's hottest tech sector buzzwords would prove just as apt in describing the twentieth century crucible of Guitar development.

Imagine an electric Guitar, Is it a Strat? A Les Paul? Some third party variant on one of these classics? Or is it something more uniquely memorable: a Warlock, a Flying V, a Razorback? There's a reason that default image popped into your mind. Electric Guitars do not happen by chance. They look and sound and play the way they do by design.

Tony Bacon's latest book, Electric Guitars Design and Invention: The Groundbreaking Innovations That Shaped the Modern Instrument, the world's leading Guitar historian traces the modern axe to the iconic designs at its roots. Musicians, artisans, luthiers, and designers alike will delight in this far-reaching exploration of the craftsman, trends, and technological advances that shaped an industry – and countless generations of popular music.

ISBN: 9781617136405
Published on: 10 August 2017
No of pages: 176
Language: English
Catalogue No: HL00151794

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