Taylor 618e Grand Orchestra Maple Spruce Electro Acoustic Guitar

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Publisher: Taylor
Format: Instruments | Instrument
The striking Big Leaf maple body wood used on the Taylor 618E has long been associated with a bright acoustic sound, but Taylor’s 600 series maple guitars are been been refined by Taylor's Master Craftsmen to bring out greater warmth, richness and sustain.

Combines the big, bold tone of a full-sized guitar with the compact playability of an Orchestral Body

Maple guitars are known for their clear articulation and a level of transparency that enables the guitars to easily take on the personality of the player. Although maple has traditionally been characterised as a bright-sounding guitar wood with quick note decay, Taylor has brought significant tone-enhancing refinements to the 600 Series to elicit greater warmth, complexity and responsiveness. A sitka spruce top utilises a new 'Torrefied' bracing system, which produces an aged tonal character with greater acoustic resonance. A new, hand-rubbed “Brown Sugar” stain on the back and sides gives maple’s striking figure a beautiful violin-hued appearance without adding extra thickness to the finish.
Published on: 13 February 2013
Catalogue No: 618E