Kala Ka Smhce C Solid Mahogany Electro Concert Ukulele

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The Kala KA-SMHCE-C Concert Ukulele features a solid Mahogany body and neck that produces a warm, dark tone that will only improve over time. The concert size provides the classic tone of a ukulele with added bass. The cutaway feature allows fast access to the highest frets and also ensures a comfortable playing experience. The KA-SMHCE-C comes equipped with a Shadow active pickup, perfect for amplified performances on stage or in the studio. The ukulele originates from Hawaii and, over time, has made its way into both classic and pop music. It's easy to play due to its small size, four strings and comfortable neck. Concert ukuleles produce warm tones with slightly more bass, creating an overall balanced sound. The Mahogany body with Rosewood fingerboard resonates freely with balanced overtones and excellent diversity for both live and studio use.
Published on: 06 March 2017
Catalogue No: 133583