Tj Curved Head Flute Mouthpiece Only For 10x Flute

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Publisher: Trevor James & Co
Format: Instruments | Instrument
A good student flute recommended by teachers worldwide, which is capable of taking players through the student grades. Using the same body as the TJ10x, this flute is supplied with both a curved headjoint - to reduce the stretch for small players - and straight headjoint, for when they grow. The case has enough space for both headjoints,with a shoulder strap for easy transport! In addition, Trevor James flutes come with a 5 year guarantee for your peace of mind. TJ10x Mk IV Series
Silver-plated headjoint, body and mechanism
Includes curved and straight headjoints
Closed holes
Offset G key
Split E mechanism
C footjoint
Includes cleaning accessories and integral case/cover
5 year Trevor James guarantee
Published on: 24 September 2010
Catalogue No: 3407C