Brunswick 400 Om Auditorium Spruce Cutaway Electro Acoustic Guitar

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Publisher: Brunswick
Format: Instruments | Instrument
The Brunswick BF400CE model is a Cutaway Electro-Acoustic Auditorium guitar in the style of the classic OM shapes of the past and present.

The Auditorium / OM body shape has proven extremely popular since its invention over 80 years ago, and has become a favourite of fingerstyle players and soloists, giving great sonic projection and a real vocal character. It's smaller size means it will be just as comfortable to jump around with on stage, as it will to be curled up with on the sofa, no matter who is playing. Plus the addition of a cutaway, access to the upper frets is enhanced making it that much easier to play more intricate lead-guitar licks as well as those songs that require a capo higher up the fingerboard.

Electronics are provided by Fishman in the form of their Isys 101 system. The compact Sonicore pickup is positioned under the bridge saddle, and the side-mounted Isys preamp gives control over the output volume and the tonal contour, plus has a feedback-busting 'phase' switch. It is powered by a 9Volt, PP3 battery which fits into a power unit at the bottom of the guitar, which also houses the jack output.
Published on: 17 December 2014
Catalogue No: BAMBF400CE