Fender 70s Jazz Bass Guitar Pau Ferro 3 Tone Sunburst

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Publisher: Fender
Format: Instruments | Instrument
Seventies-era Jazz Bass guitars are widely regarded as the basses built for funk with the offset waist, ultraslim neck and vintage-style alnico magnet Jazz Bass single-coil pickups. Mexican made Fenders are real workhorses. The built quality and attention to detail is first rate, they're comfortable, solidly built without bieng too heavy and well balanced so you dont get any neck diving. Dont think that just because theyre designed with funk in mind you'll struggle to get a good solid rock sound. The tonal choice you get with the 70's Reissue means whatever you want to play this bass can handle.

The neck feels a little wider than some jazz bass necks, especially those with no varnish, but with a smooth urethane finish it can be suprisingly fast.
Published on: 12 July 2017
Catalogue No: FND0132003300

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