Makala MK-SWT Waterman Ukulele - Clear Blue

Instruments | Ukulele

Publisher: Makala
Format: Instruments | Instrument

The Makala Waterman MK-SWT/BL Soprano Ukulele has been innovatively crafted from water resistant Polycarbonate. This type of high quality plastic is injection moulded to create one piece of moulded plastic making up the back, sides, back of the neck and back of the headstock. This clear blue transparent material allows you to see the construction of the Ukulele and adds to the uniqueness of the product. Because it is water resistant, it is both easy to clean, and can also withstand extreme conditions such as watersports and camping. Waterman Ukuleles were especially designed for the outdoor enthusiast, and pays special tribute to people that live the waterman outdoor lifestyle, hence the name.

Equipped with Aquila Super Nylgut Strings and Nickel plated open gear tuners, this portable instrument sounds just as good as it looks, and even stays in tune for longer.

  • The ultimate outdoor Ukulele especially designed for the outdoor enthusiast
  • High grade polycarbonate construction means its lightweight and durable
  • Water resistant and easy to keep clean
  • Duffle bag included for ultimate transportation
  • Nickel plated open gear tuners that stay in tune
  • Clear Blue colour

  • Aquila Super Nylgut Strings
  • Published on: 15 May 2017
    Catalogue No: 133723

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