BG LFB Flexible Fabric Clarinet Ligature

| Clarinet

Publisher: BG France

BG are a France based company known within the Woodwind world for their premium range of accessories. The LFB is a new more flexible type of ligature than the usual BG offerings.

Due to it's softer more flexible design it feels a little more forgiving and less stiff. This is also reflected in the sound which feels a little freer than say the Standard BG model. The single screw design remains in place and ensures the ligature stays firmly in position.

All in all a good, inexpensive option for Clarinet that doesn't push a particular feeling on the sound, it just lets the reed do it's job with freedom which is what you want.

  • Single screw design ensures the ligature stays correctly positioned and will not slip.
  • Designed to fit onto most standard sized plastic or ebonite Clarinet mouthpieces.
  • More flexible and supple than other standard BG models.
  • Offers a medium resistance feel.

  • Supplied with plastic cap to fit.
Published on: 10 January 2012
Catalogue No: 4BGLFB

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