Chet Falzerano: Charlie Watts' Favorite Drummers

Books | Drums

Artist: Charlie Watts
Author: Chet Falzerano
Format: Books | History

"As we are about the same age, Charlie Watts and I probably discovered jazz at nearly the same time. It occured to me that the one topic Watts loved to discuss, his favourite drummers, would provide an insightful perspective that defines the approach and style of the drummer for the 'Greatest Rock & Roll Band in the world." - Chez Falzerano.

In this fascinating book, Rolling Stones drummer and rock legend Charlie Watts shares his favourite drummers of all time, from the artists who inspired him as a teenager to those he has worked alongside. Charlie Watts' Favorite Drummers features profiles on 18 of the world's greatest drummers, including Art Taylor, Ginger Baker, Jake Hanna, Tony Williams, Max Roach, Joe Morello and more.


ISBN: 9781574243383
Published on: 16 February 2017
No of pages: 216
Language: English
Catalogue No: HL00200804