Robert Steele: Careless Whispers - The Life & Career Of George Michael


Catalogue No: OP57310
Artist: George Michael
Format: Books | Biography

George Michael was pop's greatest survivor. UK radio's most-played artist of the last 35 years and the superstar behind the legendary eighties' Faith album and tour. He was a musician with international credibility. He was also a disaster magnet whose serial missteps and scandals never seemed to dent his professional reputation. This searching biography throws a light on Georgios Panayiotou, the Anglo-Greek London boy who had to hide his homosexuality when he was half of the pop phenomenon Wham! before becoming a global superstar and an overtly gay man.

In Careless Whispers, author Robert Steele details every step of the conflicted superstar's career and digs deep into his closely-guarded private life.

Drawing on first-hand accounts from Michael's ex-manager and the journalist who was part of his social circle in the 1980s, Careless Whispers goes on to explore the more recent scandals and the imprisonment that might have derailed Michael's career but, perhaps predictably, proved to be just another interruption in the métier of a much-loved icon.

ISBN: 9781785585722
Published on: 15 February 2017
No of pages: 372
Language: English
Publisher: Omnibus Press