Ikutaro Kakehashi: An Age Without Samples


Publisher: Hal Leonard
Format: Books | Reference

When Ikutaro Kakehashi founded Roland Corporation in 1972, few would have predicted that the shoestring operation would grow into the major manufacturer and distributor of electronic musical instruments it is today. But Kakehashi, who as a young self-taught engineer scraped through Japan's bleak postwar years by repairing watches, had a lifelong passion for music and an unshakable belief in the power of imagination and innovation to overcome all obstacles. Now, nearly five decades later, Roland's visionary founder tells the fascinating story of how the company became a worldwide pioneer in electronic instruments, all the while weaving in illuminating history about the musical instrument industry, shrewd tips for entrepreneurial success and his own compelling life story.

In An Age Without Samples, Kakehashi writes that we are now at a crossroads, a moment when the dizzying proliferation of technology marks a sea change in the way we live and do business. Yet, even as older technologies and industries decline, the same developments rendering them obsolete offer a new generation of entrepreneurs unlimited opportunities to reimagine the world.

ISBN: 9781495069277
Published on: 02 February 2017
No of pages: 312
Language: English
Catalogue No: HL00172648