British Music Education Yearbook 2016-17


Publisher: Rhinegold
Format: Books | Reference

The Rhinegold British Music Education Yearbook is a complete guide to music education in the UK. This invaluable resource contains thousands of listings that will be of use to parents, teachers, students, schools, organisations, performers and anyone with a professional or personal interest in music education.

The yearbook is the best place to find information on everything related to music education, from summer schools, scholarships and grants to suppliers and national and local music education services. This fully comprehensive book covers the educational needs of musicians of all ages.

The Rhinegold British Music Education Yearbook includes information on:

  • Schools
  • Further and Higher Education
  • Performers in Education
  • Suppliers and Services
  • Youth Music
  • Summer Schools
  • Scholarships and Grants
ISBN: 9781910622247
Published on: 22 July 2016
Language: English
Catalogue No: 9781910622247