Peter Rose/Anne Conlon: The Conversion Job

Books | SSA, Voice, Piano Accompaniment

Publisher: Spartan Press
Composer: Peter Rose, Anne Conlon
Format: Sheet Music | Vocal Work

This original cantata for SSA choir and soloists tells the story of St. Augustine and his mission to introduce Christianity to the British people.

Featuring 19 memorable songs, The Conversion Job offers a lighthearted depiction of Augustine's eventful journey as he departs from Rome, accompanied by an eager band of forty fellow monks, in an attempt to share the word of God with the Kentish King Ethelbert and his Pagan subjects.

How will Augustine and his Roman monks cope with the English weather? What will Queen Bertha make of their unusual clothes? And will her husband, tree-worshipping King Ethelbert, allow them to stay?

The Conversion Job tells the incredible story, as originally told in the writings of The Venerable Bede (673-735), with the welcome addition of music and a good dose of humour.

This compelling cantata contains parts for the following main characters:
Speaking Only: The Venerable Bede (Narrator)
Acting/Singing: Gregory, Augustine, The Monks
Acting Only: Ethelbert, The King of Kent and Bertha, The Queen of Kent

Whilst the first performance of The Conversion Job included a cast of over 300 children, other performances, presented in a variety of creative ways, have since been given by much smaller groups with equal success. The work can be easily adapted to suit the number of performers and their individual strengths. All vocal harmony parts (SS/SA) are optional and in some of the songs verses may be omitted at the director's discretion.

This wonderful story of friendship and fear, courage and glory would make a perfect end of year show for high school pupils. We hope you have fun performing it!

Watch a preview of The Conversion Job on Youtube:

ISBN: 9790708107262
Skill Level: Easy Explain this
Published on: 29 April 2016
Language: English
Catalogue No: RCM126

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        Peter Rose/Anne Conlon: The Conversion Job
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