Tanglewood: Flex 6 Metre Braided Guitar Cable - 6mm Thick (Black And White)

| Guitar

Publisher: Tanglewood

When it comes to producing great music there can be no cutting corners. Basic instrument cables are often fairly cheap to purchase but these rarely stand the test of time and can have a negative impact on sound quality.

Tanglewood Flex Cables were created with sound in mind. These cables are designed to capture the dynamic frequency response of the audio spectrum and intelligently transfer the tonal detail with transparency and clarity. As their name suggests, Flex cables are strong and durable and are able to withstand frequent use, making them the perfect choice for professionals.

These 6m/20 ft. cables feature a classic braided pattern that will look stylish whether you're on stage or in the studio. Three different colourways are available - Black and White, Black and Red or Black and Blue.

Published on: 20 January 2016
Catalogue No: FXW