Jennifer Hamady: The Art Of Singing Onstage And In The Studio


Publisher: Hal Leonard
Author: Jennifer Hamady
Format: Books | Reference

In recent years, technological advancements have helped to transform the way that we produce music. While innovative recording and performance tools have created exciting opportunities that couldn't have been imagined a few decades ago, these technologies have also placed a new demand on today's vocalists. To be a great singer now requires more than just a great voice, it requires two new critical skills - managing the technology onstage and in the studio and interacting with the people who run it.

However talented you may be at singing, if you don't know how to work with recording and performance technology – whatever your genre – you will find it difficult to succeed against the competitive backdrop of the music industry. Countless phenomenal singers stagnate professionally and even leave the business because they struggle to deliver when using studio headphones and stage monitors, or can't effectively communicate their needs to producers and engineers. In this environment, many less capable singers get ahead simply because they have mastered such skills.

Written by the author of the groundbreaking 'The Art Of Singing', Jennifer Hamady, The Art Of Singing Onstage And In The Studio finally addresses these important issues in an easy-to-read, accessible style. This comprehensive book begins with a discussion of the history of the voice and technology in our culture, before going on to reveal some of the major causes of performance anxiety in music and beyond, and explaining how to overcome this.

The Art Of Singing Onstage And In The Studio will show you how to successfully master the art of recording and performing, allowing you to get your voice out into the world. Singers, performers, producers and engineers will all come away from this book feeling more knowledgeable about own their fields, empowered in the tools of the trade, and clear on how to best communicate with one another.

ISBN: 9781495050268
Published on: 20 June 2016
No of pages: 192
Language: English
Catalogue No: HL00152523