David Courtney/Srinivas Koumounduri: Learning The Sitar (Book/Online Audio)

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Format: Books | Instrumental Tutor

The Sitar has been popular since the 1960s. Since that time it has always had a considerable mystique among musicians. It also has an undeserved reputation for being difficult to play. This book/audio set cuts though the mystique and misapprehensions and presents the material in a simple fashion that is easily understood.

Learning The Sitar begins with basic background information, including a discussion of Indian music, the history of the instrument, the parts and other important terms. It then moves on to basic exercises and finally finishes with some simple compositions in Bilawal, Kalyan and Kafi. This is covered in a mix of staff notation as well as raditional Indian Sargam notation. This book includes access to online audio.

ISBN: 9780786694525
Published on: 25 March 2016
No of pages: 70
Language: English
Catalogue No: MLB20870M