Steven Laitz/Ian Sewell: The Complete Musician - An Integrated Approach To Theory, Analysis, And Listening


Format: Books | Theory

Beginning with music fundamentals, The Complete Musician covers all the topics necessary for a thorough understanding of undergraduate music theory by focusing on music in context.

Rather than rote learning of concepts and memorizing terms, The Complete Musician emphasizes how theory informs the work of performers. Composers respond not only to their instincts, experiences, and training in every work they write; they also follow certain ideals and models when appropriate, and modify them to fit their own personal vision.

Theory is not a "theoretical" activity; it is a living one that responds to how music is composed and performed. Understanding how theory intersects with composition and performance is key to seeing its relevance to students' wider musical lives. The Complete Musician makes this connection.

Published on: 15 February 2016
No of pages: 432
Language: English
Catalogue No: 9780199395514