Michael Anthony: Extreme Warm-Ups And Chops Builders For Guitar

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Author: Michael Anthony
Format: Books | Instrumental Tutor

In this comprehensive book, jazz guitarist Michael Anthony addresses the need to build flexibility and technical proficiency in a way consistent with the melodic motifs of contemporary music. Though the warm-ups are numbered, there is no order that must be followed. The guitarist may approach them according to his or her interest and inspiration. They include: arpeggios, scale patterns, melodic minor forms, chord-melody groups, stretching and contrary motion, double-stops, octave displacement, walking bass with comping, two line phrases, 'out of the box' geometric shapes, overlapping rhythms, long arpeggios and diminished scale patterns. The finish line exemplifies arpeggios outlining I-VI-II-V7 progressions in major and minor.

In the words of Michael Anthony, "I find that isolation of the right and left hand is useful, but ultimately it is the timing and coordination of the two that is necessary." The benefits of these warm-ups are threefold: 1. Technical improvement. 2. Fingerboard knowledge. 3. Ear training.

Extreme Warm-Ups And Chops Builders For Guitar is written in notation and tablature.

ISBN: 9780786688364
Skill Level: Intermediate-Advanced Explain this
Published on: 16 December 2015
No of pages: 68
Language: English
Catalogue No: MLB30510