Lick Library: Levi Clay's Chop Shop

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Artist: Levi Clay
Series: Lick Library
Format: Books | Instrumental Tutor

Take your technique and creativity to the next level. Lessons by Levi Clay.

In this exciting new course, Levi Clay abandons the technical exercises and shows you how you can do exciting and fresh things with the techniques you already know.

If you've already practiced your alternate picking, legato, sweeping and tapping, but don't know how to do anything really interesting or inspiring with it, Clay will show you how you can take simple ideas and expand on them to create something cool.

Finally you'll learn 3 advanced solos that combine numerous techniques and concepts which result in well rounded solos blending melody, technique and attitude to take your chops to the next level!

Published on: 22 December 2015
Language: English
Catalogue No: RDR0502

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