The Rock Poster Art Of Todd Slater


Publisher: Sound Performance
Artist: Todd Slater
Format: Books | Reference
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Whether you are a die-hard fan of Todd Slater or have only recently been introduced to his work, this book presents a collection of his stunning poster art that is sure to wow.

Todd Slater is one of the world’s leading contemporary artists for rock poster art, with every new release selling out in a matter of minutes. Operating out of a converted garage studio on the outskirts of Austin, Texas, Slater is as prolific as he is piercingly inventive.

In less than a decade since graduating from art school, he has created literally hundreds of dazzling posters featuring the music industry’s hottest acts, including The White Stripes, The Foo Fighters, Radiohead and The Killers, to mention just a few. He draws his inspiration directly from each artist’s music, translating the sounds into gut instincts or vibes that drive colour selection and design schemes.

Now with an impressive back catalogue to showcase, Slater has entrusted Flood Gallery Publishing with producing his first book, presenting a varied menagerie of his best work, cataloguing it by year as his style and influences have evolved. The Rock Poster Art Of Todd Slater brings together some of his greatest works, bound within a luxurious 288 page hardback book.

ISBN: 9780992836627
Published on: 31 October 2015
No of pages: 288
Language: English
Catalogue No: 9780992836627

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